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I’m sure you’ve tried to quit porn many times by sheer force of will with every intention to quit. However, your attempts to quit were met with failure. The problem is not your ability or your sincerity to quit porn but your lack of understanding of how your mind works. There is a game being played in your mind. If you don’t know the rules of this game then you are destined for failure. I am sure you have experience this constant return to failure. Well it’s time to change all of that nonsense. Not only will you learn how the game is being played but you will be given activity and strategies so that you are able to create lasting change. This change happens in the brain! Allow the brain to heal and you’ll be free forever!!!

Learn how the game is being played in your mind!

  • Learn how brain chemicals and an overactive Limbic System created your addiction
  • Learn effective strategies and activities to help calm the Limbic System
  • Learn how your Frontal Lobe is your champion in creating a compulsion free life
  • Learn how to strengthen the Frontal Lobe so that it becomes less susceptible to the compulsion


The RAMP Solution to Porn Addiction is Available at:

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RAMP is an acronym that stands for Recognize, Actions, Modify and Praise. Through the RAMP Solution to Porn Addiction you will learn how to:

  • RECOGNIZE. Learn how to recognize the moment a trigger happens. You will also learn how to dissect a trigger which will allow you to better defeat future triggers.
  • ACTIONS. What physical actions to take to help you resist the trigger and the brain chemicals they cause.
  • MODIFY. You will learn how Modifying Activities can calm the Limbic System. Learn how to tailor Modifying Activities to different types of triggers.
  • PRAISE. Understand how Self Praise can stop future triggers from happening.


“Thank you so much for creating RAMP! I am so excited to quit this nasty addiction forever! RAMP has been very effective for me and I believe I’ll be able to quit for good!”
- Everett, WA, USA
“Our generation is troubled by this internet porn idea, so I think this material is a good approach to provide a possible solution. . . this material makes it clear to you the mechanism functioning inside your brain. . . he clearly illustrated a method you can adopt that gradually heals you.”
- Fred (Amazon.com)

By living a porn free life you may experience:

  • Reduce Depression
  • Gain in Confidence
  • Improved Desire to Bond with Others
  • Boost in Sexual Desire
  • More Charisma – you will become more attractive to others
  • Quickening of the Mind – brain functions will improve including memory
  • Raised Energy Levels
  • Increased Leisure Time
  • Greater Overall Happiness

Start living the life you were meant to live! This is a complete program with over 2 hours of audio. Learn how the game is being played in your mind. Then get effective strategies and activities to win that game!


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